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反弯玻璃 Recurved glass

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In order to adapt to the diversity of the decorative surface of the curtain wall and the beauty of the arc, and ensure the consistency of the color and appearance of the coated glass, the design of S-shaped curve of the curtain wall glass has become popular. In order to protect the coating surface from damage during glass tempering, the coating surface can not contact the roller table heated by tempering, and the traditional bending and tempering processing method can not meet the needs. The reverse bending furnace developed by our company and equipment manufacturers successfully solved this problem.

Hubei yigouyaoneng New Material Co., Ltd. has the largest processing specification in the world at present. The repeated precision of bent glass is ≤ 1mm, and it can be made into laminated glass and hollow glass. The annual design production capacity is 500000 ㎡.


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