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At present, the company has the world's advanced vacuum magnetron sputtering coating grade production line with ultra long vacuum section and the industry's leading number of sputtering cathodes. It can produce single silver, double silver, three silver and toughened Low-E coated glass, and also can produce composite processed glass products with toughening before coating. The specific performance indexes and colors have reached the international advanced level, and it has first-class research and development The annual output of low radiation coated energy-saving glass is 16 million ㎡.

Low-E energy-saving glass can prevent the solar thermal radiation from entering the room, greatly limit the infrared secondary thermal radiation and has rich decorative effect, which is suitable for all kinds of buildings. Our products can reduce the radiation rate of ordinary glass from 0.84 to 0.1 or even lower, and reduce the radiation heat loss by 90%, thus playing an excellent role in energy saving. Among them, double silver and three silver low radiation coated glass are products with different perspective, different appearance effects and high energy saving effects produced by the most advanced international equipment and synchronous technology.

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